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Railway transportation in Russia and to the Far East

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Railway cargo transportation.

Railway transportation is the basis of cargo transportation in Russia

Railway transportation (that means cargo transportation in wagons) is the way optimal for the major part of Russian Federation, economical and fast enough. Rail network is the most developed kind of transport in our country. It provides cargo transportation to any place in Russia.


For large consignments to oversized and heavy cargo, railway transportation will be still the most convenient way of delivery.


Schema of delivery "door to door" we offer is convenient first for our customers - we care about all the work concerning documentation, load/unload, devising the logistics process.


Cargo railway transportation to the regions of Russia is provided by the following types of rolling stock:

- boxcars;

- gondolas;

- refrigerator-car (containers 24 tons, 40 ft.), refrigerated section;

- container carrying capacity of 3 tons, 5 tons, 24 tons, 40 ft.;

- railway platforms;

- preservation of cargo during the winter (warming of containers);

- send your cargo in the open rolling stock charting loading and its coordination with the customer;

- transportation of a modular cargo (in containers);

- organizing the storage of goods in warehouses.

Railway transportation - package of services for the "T-Trains" customers

In addition to the actual transport of any cargo in cars we offer a long list of additional services. These services can include:

- forwarding of any type of cargo (all stages of transportation without the customer);

- tracking the cargo to the destination;

- delivery of your cargo from the warehouse to the load place;

- arrangement and carrying out the load of your cargo into the cars and containers (carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of cargo transportation on the railway transport);

- organization of the cargo security (by MIA);

- loading of oversized cargo (including vehicles), packaging and special fasteners;

- all documentation services: it can include customs clearance, cargo forwarding, insurance processing for all types of cargo clearance, passing quarantine and veterinary control.


You can choose a part of these services you need or order a package - it will save not only you time, but also your money. Participation of the customer in organization of cargo transportation in cars can be minimized. 

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