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Packing and lathing

Professional cargo packing is a guarantee of its full safety

Cargo packing is an essential procedure providing its safe transportation. We offer each customer to use the packing service, if he wishes to have additional guarantee of his cargo’s safety in any situation related to the process of transportation.


Our staff has enough professional experience in packing different types of cargo in order to ensure its integrity and complete safety.


Types of packaging, most commonly used for cargo transportation:

- carton packing (or carton boxes) - method for middle-size cargo transportation. Cargo can be placed on a pallet and trimmed with sheets of cardboard on all sides, or placed in a box.


Carton / box packing are fixed with tape. Cardboard protects the cargo from damage, as well as from the action of excess moisture.


- installation on the pallet - installation of cargo on wooden pallets, fixation of stretch film, adhesive tape. The stability of cargo, insurance against damage if dropped is ensured. The standard pallet has dimensions of 1.2 m x 0,8 m x 0,15 m.

- packing in sacks (bags) - the method used for small and medium-sized mild cargos.

- packing in wooden / plywood boxes - used for small fragile cargos (such as electronic devices or utensils). Internal linings of the shock-absorbing materials can be used.

- packing with styrofoam sheets - in order to prevent mechanical damage to the cargo.

- sealing of cargo - fixing a seal is a guarantee of not opening the package.

Lathing - extra protection for fragile cargo.

Lathing is a type of packaging, which consists of wooden frame made ​​of planks and bars, providing additional protection for the cargo. To provide the necessary stability and rigidity to the construction of the cargo crates can be placed on a pallet.


A number of cargos must be mandatory placed into lathing package. These are cargos, which can easily undergo deformation and fracture in the process of loading and unloading or during transportation.


Cargos, generally subjected to lathing:

- cans, plastic drums and other plastic or glass containers with liquids;

- sanitary devices;

-  dishes;

 - products made ​​of glass (windows, auto-glass, etc.);

 - wood products, furniture, doors, etc.;

 - machine tools, machinery and equipment;

 - fragile expensive goods (electronics, office equipment, etc.);

 - radiators, fire extinguishers;

 - medicines, cosmetics and perfume.


It is strongly recommended to use lathing packing for the mechanisms and structures that do not have rigid packaging.

Large amount of cargo can be subjected to lathing packing right in the wagon, providing rigid fixation.

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