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International transportation

International transportation: full package of services

Carrying out international transportation is a complicated process, divided into several stages. Generally, it is a multimodal process, including a number of different ways of cargo transportation. Their choice depends on the route of transportation. All transport can be used in different combinations (road, railway, sea and air).


This kind of transportation mainly consists on container transportation. It should be taken into account while building the order.


In the process of international transportation we arrange and carry out a full package of activity, including the following stages:

- acceptance of the cargo and its preparation for transportation, including the placement and securing of containers;

- preparation of the documentation required;

- safekeeping of cargo/goods;

- insurance of the cargo transported;

- organization of the process of reload at points of the transport change;

- cargo forwarding.

Cargo Transportation from China is our priority

Transportation from China is nowadays a major part of all international transportation, carried out by transport companies in our country.


Our company maintains regular deliverance of cargos from China for a great number of our customers. In organization of the process, we rely on long-term relations with Chinese partners. We have considerable experience of interaction with different transport structures of China, with Chinese customs.


Ordering the services of cargo transportation from China of "T-Trans", you save your time and money. We offer the whole package of load/unload works and in addition customs clearance and insurance of cargo transported. 

Customs: solving all problems concerning international transportation

International transportation requires unconditional compliance with a number of legal rules and regulations. In particular, it is demanded during the process of cargo customs clearance.

"T-Trans" has direct contact with customs brokers. We can prepare all necessary documentation (certificates of conformity and hygienic certificates, and other permits for cargo).

Customs clearance of your cargo will be organized by qualified specialists.


We deal with customs clearance of import and export of various products; we carry all kinds of operations related to exports and imports of goods, or other customs regimes.

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